The Hair

Not only is Monica Neish the  creator of the seamless weft technique but she  also co-created with her manufacturer the 'Flat Silk Weft' design. An innovative  hair extension product that will lay flatter to the head than any other weft in the industry. This method is durable yet seamless while adding as much length or thickness you desire to your natural hair. Available in 24 original shades that can be custom blended into your own hair creating a virtually undetectable look.

Features of the Flat Silk Weft hair extension:

  • Stronger: It is much stronger that Traditional hand-tied wefts
  • Customizable: It comes in one long weft that can be cut. This allows for a custom ideal fit and means no more folding and tucking
  • No Fraying!
  • Less Wefts: More hair is able to fit on the weft with the new technology of the silk flat weft. This means using less wefts and instead of stacking anywhere from four to eight wefts of traditional hand-tied wefts you would only need two or three wefts per row
  • Thicker ends: The Silk Flat Weft does not have short and broken “filler hair”n at the top of the weft like traditional hand-tied wefts, this means thicker ends and more luscious hair
  • They are made 100% Natural cuticle virgin human hair.